Which Python modules are for controlling steering and motor?

I bought 3 Donkey Cars to teach kids. But found the program too big and massive to teach elementary school kids. So kids can only follow what 's advised on the instruction, like collecting images, train the model and retest it. But in the end, kids cannot learn python from it. I 'd to know that which modules are used too run the motor and steering, so I can start to build something simple gradually and being able to teach kids block by block over the python codes. Else, the return of investment over buying the Donkey Car kit seems not very good. I try to study the python code, it’s really overwhelming as I’m a working guy, I do not have time to slowly go through each line of Python code. Can someone help?

have you looked at manage.py as that’s the basis of the whole thing.

Hopefully you know python enough to read the code and if so, then first watch part 1 and part 2 of Tawn Kramers Donkey into videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ4ESrtfShs

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Hi DougL

Thank you very much for the tips and video reference, I believe this is a very good start. At least I have a starting point in the midst of code jungle. I also found Tawn Kramer has a few related videos. I put it here for a reference.