Universal Encoder Disc for drive shaft mounting

I’ve uploaded to Thingiverse my design of an encoder disc to be used on the Exceed Magnet(others?) cars. It clamps onto the drive shaft and it should be able to work with the encoder from aliexpress or amazon. Like this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32319451524.html or better https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07W97H2WS


Looks like it’s also possible to finely tune the sensor to trigger on the metal between the holes of the spur gear on an Exceed Magnet RC:

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I unsoldered the LEDs to get the pins flush with the underside and up a little on top. This is so I can angle the LEDs better.

This is pretty cool Doug.

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Tomorrow I will see if I can get it to work on my Turnigy Buggy drive shaft. If not, I might make a mount to hold a gear or encoder off the side of the motor spur gear.

Update: there just isn’t any room for an encoder wheel on the drive shaft unless it’s just slightly larger than the driveshaft diameter itself. Looking at the AS5047p type magnetic encoder attached to the back of the BLDC motor(to the rotor shaft ).

This has been updated to hold magnets. You just need to make withSlots=false and change the EncoderDiscH=2.75 for 4mm x 2.75mm magnets. slotCt reflects magnet mount count but I multiplied that number times 2 so there are always an even number of magnets so polarity can alternate.

I don’t have enough room on the Buggy to get a large optical disk mounted but learned a thing or two about using magnets and hall effect sensors. ie, by alternating the poles exposed to the sensor, it turns off much cleaner than just having an air gap between magnets oriented to trigger ON.

So I’ve updated the openscad file to also hold magnets, 4mm x 2.75mm. The Thingiverse entry will include a version of the same scad file with slight mods for magnets and will be identified as such.

Pictured is the one for the Turnigy Buggy. The slip ring has not been pressed all the way on yet and I will be putting a wrap of kapton tape around the magnets after putting epoxy on them.

Here is the Exceed Magnet version with 10 magnets. You’ll get 5 triggers per rev if leading or trailing edge triggering or 10 triggers if looking for both leading and trailing edges.

I purchased these hall effect sensor boards:

and these 4mm x 3mm magnets:

This is awesome doug!

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