Unable to calibrate throttle

Hi i am new to eveything donkey car.
I have mananaged to build the car and have got as far as calibrate the car.
I have successfully calibrated the steering as per the instructions on the donkey car website.
When i come to calibrate the throttle the wheels only go backwards.
Is there something i am missing or anything i can do to solve this.


You can use nano to open myconfig.py and go to the THROTTLE settings. In the THROTTLE settings you can swap the value for throttle forward (530) and the value for throttle reverse (220) and that should get your wheels going in the right direction when you want them to go forward.
Also you might want to visit Donkey Car over here.

I have tried them numbers when using the
Throttle calibration.
When the PWM value is 100 wheels stop. Then anything above up to 600 the wheels just go backwards. After 600 wheels stop.
Would just putting them numbers in myconfig.py allow the car to go back and forward when it comes to driving?


It sounds like you have an ESC that has no reverse even though your motor runs in reverse which is probably due to the motor connections to the ESC or the type of ESC you are using.
Where did you get your ESC and what is the type, brushed or brushless?
I am pretty sure you have an airplane type of ESC with no reverse.