Throttle Value setup for Reverse

Hi All,

Some help please !.
I’m new to the Donkey car subject and currently in the stage of steering and throttle value setup in the car.

I have some trouble with Throttle Value setup for Reserve.
During the calibration stage value 410 was noted as the suitable value for Reserve. However, when the same was maintained in and start performing the test drive, the car still move forward ! I could not get it to move reverse.

Appreciate some help to identify where the issue is…

I use 9685 for pwm and Rpi setup.
These are the current steering and throttle values I have in


STEERING_CHANNEL = 1 #channel on the 9685 pwm board 0-15
STEERING_LEFT_PWM = 330 #pwm value for full left steering
STEERING_RIGHT_PWM = 460 #pwm value for full right steering


THROTTLE_CHANNEL = 0 #channel on the 9685 pwm board 0-15
THROTTLE_FORWARD_PWM = 370 #pwm value for max forward throttle
THROTTLE_STOPPED_PWM = 400 #pwm value for no movement
THROTTLE_REVERSE_PWM = 410 #pwm value for max re