Sombrero & Jetson Nano

HI, just wanted to check if Sombrero is compatible with Jetson Nano or not?

UPDATE: Not supported

no idea myself but I thought the design was open and schematics available online.
If you can’t read those designs, probably best to check with the designer.

UPDATE: Not supported.

I tried to find something on and in the and no luck. It should work if you can find the specs on the 5V power it provides to the 40pin connector. You have access to the specs for the Jetson Nano so should know what your hardware needs for 5V input current. Other than that, the Sombrero does only 2 things that I’ve seen. It provides switchable(on/off) 5V to the 40 pin connector and it connects the 4 I2C lines of the 40pin connector to an onboard PCA9685.

So, if it fits onto the Nano(with that big huge heatsink ) and it can supply enough power then it should work.

@skamath The Sombrero is NOT supported. They reversed the 40pin connector pinout according to this:

Hi Doug, thanks very much for researching this and confirming that it is not supported.

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Would an off the shelf BEC be an appropriate alternative?