RPI vs Jetson nano

Make it sense to use a Jetson Nano for DonkeyCar ?

Are there any performance measurements RPI vs Jetson Nano available ?

Short answer: Yes !!

Longer answer:

One of the reasons why the Jetson Nano is very exciting for us is that it has a lot more headroom for inference. Right now we can do 20fps for inference if we use a Raspberry Pi 3B+ class device.

However, having experimented with deeper neural nets - this will be a bottleneck (inference happens on the CPU for the Pi). The Jetson Nano has 128 CUDA cores, which allows us to do so much more.

Keep in mind:

  • It’s early days with the Jetson Nano.
    So the level of support for the Nano is not as mature as the RPi 3.
  • You should be a little bit familiar with the donkey source. You will probably have to make tweaks for your setup until we standardize things for the Jetson Nano.

New RPI4 is out.

I’m very interested in new performance benchmarks.

RPI4 vs Nano

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One issue with Nano I’ve run into is that the generic raspberry pi camera are not compatible with Nano. You must use the newer v2 camera. I’ve not found a cheap source for a v2 camera with wide angle lens. (There are some options available, but they’re close to $60 USD for camera + wide lens)

If somebody has found a Nano Compatible pi camera with wide lens that can be purchased < $25 USD, please let me know.