RC Remote Control

I’m relatively new to the DonkeyCar experience and I’m still amazed how active this community is and how quickly it is growing. I’m trying to use the RC Remote that came with the car to control the DonkeyCar. I know I would need to get the signal from the receiver and decode it and send it to the PI and then send that info to the PCA. I’ve tried to follow the following links but still haven’t had much success.


I know that the bluetooth controllers work but would be nice to not spend more if a perfectly able controller comes with the vehicle and in an ideal world make it play nicely with the web-controller.

Hi Zadazz,

do I understand your idea correctly ?
You want to use your RC-transmitter and original RC-receivers as input for DonkeyCar ?

I’m trying this with a small arduino, decoding receiver signals (trottle and steering) and send it to RPI as HID controls (gamecontroller). It’s a hard job to measure PWM signals and the interrupt load is high.

I use parts of this projects for my Gimmicks:



Thanks Chrimo. You are right, I’m trying to use the RC controller and receiver to control the DonkyCar. The controller is made for RC cars, the range is excellent and very low latency. A win win according to me. I’ve connected the RC receiver to an Arduino and used to PulseIn function for reliable PWM values. I’m sending this via the USB cabe to the Pi. But that is as far as I got. See Arduino sketch.

double channel2;
double min_num2 = 1080; //927
double max_num2 = 1680; //2111

double channel3;
double min_num3 = 905; //905
double max_num3 = 1850; //2400

int output2;
int output3;

void setup() {
pinMode(2, INPUT);
pinMode(3, INPUT);

void loop() {

channel2 = pulseIn(2, HIGH);
channel3 = pulseIn(3, HIGH);

output2 = map(channel2, min_num2, max_num2, 0, 200);
output3 = map(channel3, min_num3, max_num3, 0, 200);

output2 = constrain(output2, 0, 200);
output3 = constrain(output3, 0, 200);
Serial.print(" ");


Hi Zadazz,
have you already a DonkeyCar part for reading input from your USB-Arduino prepared ?

I choose HID-Gamecontroller, because there are parts available :slight_smile:

Keep on hacking the Donkey