Mini PC Payload?

I’m working with a navigation stack running on an Intel NUC and was wondering if it would be feasible to mount it on a Donkeycar.

Would something like this be too heavy on the chassis? As I also have two RealSense cameras to add to this mix, is there a rough guideline on how much payload weight I can include?


Hello Antoan,

A little bit off-topic, but I have the same problem and use a similar equipment like you.

Maybe an 1:16 RC model is too weak for your project. I’ve tried an 1:10 model, but the payload was too limited for me.

This is the reason, why I’m using a different hardware but same software.
I have a payload of >1kG.
NUC i5
Realsense R200
Sharp US sensor
12V Accu 5 Ah
12V DC motor
BMC+voltage regulators

I’m using this chassis:

My prototype works nearly perfect so far, but I need a lot of fine tuning, before releasing build instructions.

Old RPI tests:

Latest payload

Stay tuned :slight_smile: