Jetson nano autopilot not working

Hi, I am having trouble with the final step, the autopilot function. It doesn’t work for me. I have collected the image dataset on jetson nano and completed the training on the separate host PC. I have got upto that point. But when I execute “python drive --model ~/mycar/models/mypilot.h5”, it is same as teleoperation data collecting. Moreover, when I go to localhost:8887/drive and click start vehicle, the error message show that it is supposed to get 160,120 image but it is getting 224,224 size image. I am confused. can the image size be making the problem? wasn’t it told from the tutorial that jetson nano should go for (224,224) image size? Can somebody help me?

IIRC, the Jetson Nano doesn’t work with the rPi v1 camera and has a different driver and requires the v2 camera. 160x120 is the default resolution but some are doing 320x240 on the Nano but I’m not sure if that’s the v2 or USB camera.

Also remember that you MUST have the settings for the camera resolution the same on the training setup and on the car.