How to Add Additional Servo to DonkeyCar

I’m trying to find a way trigger a servo by making a button on the web interface.

The issue I’m having is that there are a few layers of files that include Python and Javascript, and it’s taking me a lot of time to line everything up. Especially since I’m using Javascript for the first time

Can anyone provide direction?

making a button should be simple but making everything what happens when I press it is another story.

also is there a graphical editor that folks used to design the web interface?

driving and training using the web interface is insanely tedious. I can’t recommend enough to dump that and get with a game controller or do one of the RC controller hacks since these each provide a joystick interface to the system. Through that you are all in python and there’s already many examples of button assignments and even a utility to map buttons to donkey event/actions.