How do I connect a remote to the Donkey Car?

Hey guys! I have a good knowledge of RCcars and Drones…I just ordered the standard kit and camera to put on a 1/8th size car (built into the body).

My question: How do I get a controller connected to teach the car how to drive? Since I have to remove the servo leads from my car’s original receiver.

Is there some additional hardware I plug into the Pi? (I’ll have a Pi3) .

An rPi 3B+ is a good one and the 3B will still work. One of the easiest controller mechanism is to use wireless(Bluetooth) game controller. The SONY PS3 generally works well but real Sony ones are super hard to find. A good alternative is the Logitech J710 wireless gamepad controller. It has its own 2.4GHz dongle so super easy to make work.

if you are well versed in micro controllers, electronic hardware and arduino software then there are options which use the Teensy 3.2 in between the stock RC receiver and the rPi. Not plug and play though.

The least useful but simplest is to use the web browser control which is the default. It works but it’s really hard to control and your car will learn your very poor driving.

Doug, thanks so much, that is super helpful. Especially since I didn’t order my Pi yet so now I know which one to get. I’m going for a large scale build and will try and build it into the body of the car so it looks normal…so this should be interesting.
I’ll be in touch fellow Donkey Discoursers! -Nate

…both items ordered.
rPi3 B+ $35

Logitech F710 Bluetooth Gamepad Controller $29:

ah, I’d thought you already had an rPi 3 of some flavor. The rPi 3B+ is ok and will work well but the rPi 4B is a good amount more powerful and the same price. ~$39. But the 3B+ will work fine.