Gimmicks: Talk to your DonkeyCar

Hi all,

let your DonkeyCar speak to you is easy,
install espeak.

$sudo apt install espeak
$espeak “Hello world, I am your DonkeyCar”

Talk to your DonekyCar is much more complex, but possible.

Check and try this:

Why do I need DonkeyCar audio ?
I send audio messages to the speaker, when the power supply is running low or the system is ready to use after boot.
espeak “DonkeyCar ready”
espeak “I am running out of power, feed me”

Why do I need DonkeyCar audio input ?
When running headless, I can trigger “DonkeyCar go” or “DonkeyCar start XYZ” to start programs.
Donkeys are like humans, they like to talk :slight_smile:


BTW: it should work offline, without internet - not like Alexa