Gimmicks: SuperTuxKart

Hello community,

while reading the new DonkeyCar 3.0 sources, I got crazy in my brain. Wow, amazing features !!!

One of my first thoughts was, I like to use some funny environment to train my DonkeyCar and having fun.

Why not using this amazing environment ? The race is on :slight_smile:


  1. using an USB CAM and direct it to my screen running SuperTuxKart
  2. use a cheap Arduino and write a simple Arduino HID (game controller) actuator part (forward,stop,backward,left,right).
  3. Connect both to DonkeyCar USB

Train and win the race against human net opponents.

I think, this is worth to investigate some rare vacation nights and days for this challenge :slight_smile:

  1. using pure hardware solution and independent from the operating system where the game is running ? (WII, PSx, Linux, Windows,…)
  2. using any kind of NET API ?

I’m not sure.

Any suggestions to survive this brain overheating idea ?