Gimmicks: DonkeyCar as WiFi access point

Hello community,

sometimes you like to use your DonkeyCar in an environment, where you have no WiFi available, e.g. outdoors or during the vacations.

For this scenarios, I plug-in an additional USB-WiFi stick and use the hostapd and dnsmasq environment.

After a simple configuration, you can connect with your smartphone or notebook to your own DonkeyCar network.

Enjoy your own DonkeyCar at any place


upssss, it already in the git queue of feature requests.

Why do you need an extra USB dongle for that? The Pi3 wifi adapter will work pretty well as access point;-)

because I like to access internet on demand via wlan0 and always donkeycar hotspot access at any location :wink:
Switching wlan0 for internet and private hostspot is tricky and needs some more intelligent logic.
It works, but not reliable enough for me. Development is much easier, with a well defined environment.
An additional usb-wlan-stick costs 5 bugs and work at any time. Next issue, I need extra wlan0 for my donkeycar wlan mesh, using batman-adv and my stick has a better antenna with longer wifi range.:slight_smile:

During events or race, one wlan0 is enough, you are right.

You can also use an iPhone or Android as a hotspot. Then you simply have to connect your pi as you would for any wifi network. On the iPhone, the hotspot is enabled by simply enabling with one button in system settings. Could not be simpler.

I have one of this around:

might give it a try, since you can use it for power (10000 mAh battery) and as a hotspot.

Yes, you are right, that works, too.
But for me it is not stable enough. Too many dependencies and errors.

When developing and testing in teams, we use RPI Hotspot Feature and wlan0 with OpenVPN to GIT and CUDA server.

The good thing is - we have millions of possibilities available :slight_smile:
Happy networking