Future of DonkeyCar: Roadmap

Hello community,

how is the future of donkey car ? Is there any roadmap ?

Today, donkey car is some kind of AI racer for simple tracks with well defined limited boarders.

What can I do more tomorrow ?
Exploring unknown environments, deliver snacks to to my kids or find my lost keys ?

Adding IMU or GPS is nice, but for what ? The software must be extended to any direction.

Is ROS the next step ?

Thanks for a hot discussion and more


Chrimo (real friend of doneky car, having fun)

Well, the short term roadmap is to release Donkey 3.0. This will include out of the box support for more hardware and neural network architectures. We will support LED status lights, lidar, some basic path following, and more.

We will continue to explore Reinforcement Learning and try to develop techniques for reliable use in real world domains. The simulator will continue to develop features to allow testing of the latest ideas in RL via libraries like stable-baselines and other openai gym compatible frameworks.

The longer term goal is to create a flexible framework of parts that users feel empowered to build and experiment with.

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Hello Tawn,

This is an amazing roadmap.

Thanks for your detailed explanation and we are happy to hear more from development.

The north of Germany is with you
Greetings and thanks to you and all development members working hard in the background



You asked excellent questions, Chrimo. I was wondering much of the same things actually. @tawnkramer I like the roadmap you proposed. Is there any thought to developing an API / documentation or does one already exist?


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Hi @tawnkramer,
thanks for realsense2.py :slight_smile:
I’m watching dev repos and I like all this progress very much !!!

We just had a code contribution to improve the tubclean utility to allow clicking on the image stream preview to set your edit point. If you’ve used that before on a large dataset you know how frustrating it was to know that your edit was near the end and have to scroll to it. Now so super easy.

There were enough important fixes that I rolled dev into master yesterday.