First project of my own autonomous robotic car (arc)

Dear Donkey Car community,

in the last four weeks I’ve been working on my first self-driving robotic car, based on the Donkey Car.
In the end, I actually wrote most of the code on my own since I wanted to understand how it all works. Finally, I was able to take some shots of my first prototype (see the attached YouTube video). I’m happy about any kind of feedback!

Moreover, by this post, I would also like to thank Donkey Car and its community for sharing their ideas and project on the internet - without that I would have not been able to work on my project as I did. So again thanks to all of you!
By the way I will continue to work on my project. First thing will be to replace the underlying RC car by a better one to make it more reliable - actually already ordered my new car :sunglasses:.




We have all moved over to Discord, can you post there? No-one is looking at Discourse any longer - pls go here: .

Thank you Dirk for clarifying! I wasn’t sure which platform is currently used for posts like this. Just posted it on Discord. :+1: