DonkeyCar users in the world

Hello community,

we are a small usergroup in the north of germany near Hamburg.
Since 2012,each monday, we jojn in our “office for young people” and discuss projects or having fun.

In the past, we made some projects for basic networking, infrastructure, programming, audio and lighting (MIDI/DMX/Artnet). All these activities were used to support young musicians and rockbands.

The main goal of our activities is to join a lot funny and interesting people.

Now, we are trying to build robots with a small budget of students. We’ve started with ROS, but we’ve found DonkeyCar this year. DonkeyCar was announced at ros discourse :slight_smile:

DonkeyCar is perfect for us, we like it very much.
Thanks to all developers.

What are other groups doing ?
How have YOU found DonkeyCar ?

Greetings to all other members