DonkeyCar in Education

I would like to connect with others that are using the DonkeyCar in an educational setting such as in a mentoring program (CoderDojo), college or high school. We are interested in creating a series of “Concept Cards” that could be use in multiple settings.

A sample of these cards is here:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks! - Dan

Hi Dan

We have run a number of projects using the Donkeycar with high school students. Where are you based. We are in North East Scotland.


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I use the Framework with University (UCSD) and HS.

I would love to see there be a curated set of educational materials about Donkey Car - Lesson Plans, How tos, Concepts, etc. I am trying to beef up the docs as a first step. Is this something that we can crowd source, I would be willing to help organize.

It always grates at me when I see closed source educational robots…

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We are in Minnesota MN

Hi Dan,

thank you very much for your amazing work.
I think we can use it for our young team of hobbyists (age between15 to 17).

Our goal: Outdoor DonkeyCar, based on BobbyCar chassis.

Learning by doing :smile:

Greetings from Buxtehude/Germany


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I’d be keen to share what we have learn’t so far.

Hi Adam,

Thank you for your support of using the DonkeyCar in education. I agree at beefing up the documentation is a good next step. I hope we can encourage others to help out with the documentation.

We are trying to decompose the process of creating and racing a DonkeyCar into small discrete concepts and create a dependency list of these concepts. For each concept we will then create printable cards that could be used at educational events. Cards are also grouped according to difficulty. The hope is that the content would be reusable for different ages and audiences.

I also agree that closed-source robots have limitations.

Like most of the rest of the CoderDojo training materials, these materials will be published under a creative commons share-alike/remix non-commercial license.

  • Dan

Sorry for the slow response, Dan that is great. Will and I ran a couple of hackathons and we found that the challenge is that Donkey requires decent linux skills, some python, some electronics, etc means that just getting to baseline can be super hard… Sounds like you are taking on each of those items.

Okay, now I looked at CoderDojo - that is really cool. Let me know how I can help.