Donkey Car in classroom?


I plan to teach a term of AI in my year 9 class here in Australia. I was wondering if it is possible to have year 9 students set up and work with the Doney Car by themselves using online documentation as a project-based unit or would it be too challenging? I personally have not used the Donkey Car myself.


Hi Richard,

Assuming that your “Year 9” students are between fourteen and fifteen years old I think you could do this if you had good instructional material. I have bee working on building this material for the AI Racing League and you are welcome to use it.

  1. Teach Introduction to Python
  2. Teach some UNIX shell
  3. Teach basics of Pi or Nvidia Nano (new 2GB Nano is $59 USD)
  4. Use a 710 Joystick to control your cars when training
  5. Use concept cards to guide instruction

Here is the material:

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